Jeanne Werner
Jeanne recently appeared opposite Emma Watson in the feature COLONIA and received a best actress nomination.
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Jeanne Werner

Lenia Romanova, The Invisibles, Ostlicht film production, Markus Dietrich,

Young Beatrice, Wilder, SRF Series, Pierre Monnard

Vero, Wir Shall Sing, German feature film, Opak Film, Katharina Mihm

Elsa, Bye Bye Germany, Samsa Films, Sam Garbarski

Dorothea, The Colony, Iris Productions/Majestic Films, Florian Gallenberger

Emily/Isabel, A Vulgar Adventure, Head Genevieve, Valentin Merz

Young Doctor, Avant L'Hiver, Samsa Films, Philipe Claudel | Tel: 07760 344 469