Maisie Williams reprises the role of Arya Stark in Season 8 of Game of Thrones Premieres in April 2019

Anthony Dixon and Dylan Smithcan be seen in Gambling Awareness commercial CanWeHaveOurBallBack

Maisie Williams stars in Hampstead Theatre's I AND YOU, directed by Edward Hall

Luke Taylor can be seen in BBC/Netflix series WANDERLUST playing Young Alan

Alexandra Johnstonis the face of John Frieda's 'Go Blonder Campaign'

CONGRATULATIONS Jake Abraham on the incredible reviews for A MIRACLE ON GREAT HOMER STREET, now showing at The Liverpool Royal Court

Maisie Williams stars opposite Eddie Redmayne in Aardman's feature Early Man

Nina Sorrentino plays Katie in Channel 4's Unspeakable

Harvey Sullivan appears in Alt J's latest music video

Amelia Pidgeon plays the lead role Alex in There Are No Words Filming

Maisie Williams stars in Fox's X-Men: New Mutants set for release 2019

Callum May plays Ethan in Luc Besson's Blackpills original series PLAYGROUND

Sven Schelker to play activist Bruno Manser in the feature Jungle Tribes Filming

Maisie Williams stars opposite Asa Butterfield in Departures set for release in 2018

Harvey Sullivan Stars alongside Betsy in here latest music video Big Little Lies

Sven Schelker takes on the lead role of David in upcoming feature Goliath

Amelia Pidgeon plays kidnapped schoolgirl Natascha Kampusch in the feature based on true events 3096 Days out now on Netflix

Jake Abraham to play Manuel Noriega in TV's War on Drugs directed by Julian Kemp

Maisie Williams stars opposite Bill Milner in iBoy out now on Netflix

CONGRATULATIONS to Maisie Williams on her Emmy nomination for best supporting actress in Game of Thrones

Maisie Williams stars alongside Jason Sudekis and Jessica Biel, in the feature The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

John Purcell Appears in the new season of Peaky Blinders

CONGRATULATIONS Maisie Williams and all the team on Cyberbully for the BAFTA nomination

CONGRATULATIONS Maisie Williams on receiving The Evening Standard Rising Star Award and The London Critics Circle Award for Best Young Performer for The Falling

CYBERBULLY starring Maisie Williams wins Best Drama at the Mind Media Awards

Sven Schelker Appearing in the new season of Homeland

Harvey Sullivan Plays the lead role in up-coming music video The Great I Am

Luke Taylor plays the lead role in up-coming short Honey Bunny

Amelia Pidgeon plays Joyce in the feature The Woman in Black: Angel of Death Directed by Tom Harper out on DVD now

Maisie Williams takes on the lead role Lydia, in Carol Morley's feature The Falling Out on DVD now

Jake Abraham can be seen in Season 5 of Game of Thrones Out on DVD now

CONGRATULATIONS Maisie Williams on receiving the 2015 EFP Shooting Star Award

CONGRATULATIONS Sven Schelker on receiving the 2015 EFP Shooting Star Award

CONGRATULATIONS Suzanne Collins on the wonderful reviews for your role in Waiting For Gateaux

CONGRATULATIONS Maisie Williams on an outstanding performance in Channel 4's thriller Cyberbully directed by Ben Channan

Maisie Williams stars alongside James Nesbitt and David Wilmot in Gold also featuring Donal Haughey On Netflix now

Suzanne Collins takes on the role of Evelyn in upcoming feature Breaking Free(Pre Production)

Maya Horwood plays orphan Emma in Amber Entertainments up-coming feature Molly Moon: The

Incredible Hypnotist Set for release Summer 2015

Maisie Williams Congratulations on being included in this years UK International Screen Stars of Tomorrow

Callum May in Oscar nominated director Yorgos Lanthimos short Necktie

Congratulations Maisie Williams on winning Radio 1's 'Teen Choice Award' for best actor

Maisie Williams stars alongside Stephen Dorff in Heatstroke. Set in the South African desert and Produced by BOLD films

Jake Abraham in Spike Island now out on DVD

Amelia Pidgeon plays Natascha Kampusch in the feature 3096 Days

Jake Abraham stars alongside Kayvan Novak in his latest project It's Ok To Be Ray

Maisie Williams plays the lead role in Wolfheart Films pastoral horror Corvidae, written and directed by Tom De Ville

Alexandra Johnston and Jake Abraham in Ace Film's Tamla Rose

Maisie Williams stars in BBC's The Secret of Crickley Hall playing Loren, now available on DVD

Jake Abraham takes on the role of Figgy in season 2 of Prisoners Wives

Maisie Williams wins 2 portal awards, the youngest actress to do so

Luke Taylor as Young Edward De Vere in Roland Emmerichs ANONYMOUS | Tel: 07760 344 469